This is the story of a group that set out on a simple treasure hunt but stumbled into so much more.

At the dawn of time a hybrid between Angel and Demon was born from the angel Lilith, these beings were known as the Nephilim. Upon the first such being, Absalom, were all subsequent generations based. Among the first generation of Nephilim born from Absalom were Death, Strife, War, and Fury. These four would go on to become The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. Many crusades were led by Absalom and the Horsemen leading to grand victories for the Nephilim. This fell apart when Mankind was given Eden. Absalom, leading the Nephilim against Heaven and Hell, sought Eden for his kind as the Nephilim had no realm to themselves. For these crimes Absalom was struck down by the 6 Gods of Creation and the Nephilim destroyed. The Horsemen found themselves not destroyed but banished to a Limbo realm know as the Intercise.

As a last stand of defiance to the Gods, Death created ritual-esque items known as the Eggs of the Emperor and scattered them across the material plane. Once every 500 years one chosen by an Egg would come forth and upon an Eclipse would sacrifice that which was most dear to them, giving birth to a physical body for one of the Horsemen.

This is where our story begins, as our party of adventurers inadvertently pick up the one who will become host for Absalom, restoring the glory of the Nephilim.