Here you can easily look through each of the characters of the Campaign:

The Heroes

Gallance – The Sarcastic RangerGallance_Headshot.png

Jared Serpenthelm – The Awkward Rogue jared_headshot.png

Verick Healsing – The Cleric Turned Fighter, KIA Verick_Headshot_-_Pre_Berserk_Armour.png

Orn – The Cocky PugilistOrn_Headshot20.png

Skald – The Wizard With One Name Skald_Headshot.png

Oliano Nailo – The Monk From A Different Universe

Impa Zulae – The Ranger With A Dragon

Grevarax Adjudicator – The Sweaty Paladin

The Villains

Wilhelm Ryan – A Masquerading White Dragon

Killian Detinwolf – Wilhelm Ryan’s Successful Experiment

Alishe Viseran – A Killer Merchant

Suji Sentoki/Absalom – The First Nephilim

The Four Horsemen – The Harbingers of Apocalypse

Allies and NPCs

Solomon Ja’ten – The Royal Dhampir MonkSolomon_Headshot_-_Post-War.png

Cyrus Arrecar – Solomon’s Retainer and Warlock

Issilyn Zaure – A Changed Drow

Elise Serpenthelm – Former Party Member turned House Chef

Valindra Nailo – Former Party Member Who’s Gone Missing

Barry Blackhammer – Military Instructor and Head of Stalingard

Rydel Ironbane – A Friendly Goliath

Desthen Firilean – An Underground Informant and Barkeep

Araith Navarian – The Young Alchemist

Lagron Zulae – Impa’s Father and Prominent Head in Velirium

Mathais Ja’Ten – Patriach of the Ja’ten Household, Vampire

Kyverth Uvel – An Imprisoned Drow

Sergei Bobrovsky – The Foreign Magic Shop Owner

Arenthall Korus – An Elf With Vast Knowledge of the Woodlands

Emperor Ephriam Arenaza – Ruler of Arenaza

Artemisia Zylrel – Master of Arcana, Arenaza Council

Elefseus Zylrel – Master of Law, Arenaza Council

Ogron Wolfclaw – Master of Defense, Arenaza Council

Aranea Caelum – Master of Secrets, Arenaza Council

Altrick Tanvyn – Master of Trade, Arenaza Council

Alban VallĂ©e – Captain of the airship Bahamut’s Mercy

Pellas Verona – A travelling Cleric


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