Elise Serpenthelm

The smartass researcher/reaper turned house chef.


A 21-year-old human of average height with long, brown hair.

  • Is a smartass.
  • Enjoyed adventuring, but isn’t cut out for it.
  • Would go through hell for valuable research material. Literally.
  • Is a good cleaner.


On a nice, bright summer day, Elise Serpenthelm was born. Quite the curious lady, she was seen attempting to read books from early age. She kept to herself most of the time, even when other girls wanted to go and play along with her. The only people she talked with were her parents and her brother, Jared. She read and studied during every possible moment she had, and it soon became clear that Elise was destined to become a great researcher. Her parents decided to save every spare piece of coin to put it towards her future career.

A few days after her brother’s seventeenth birthday, the then ruler of Rivermouth was assassinated in his home by a mysterious figure. The man imprisoned the rest of the family and claimed rule over the town. He taxed the town for everything he could think of. Many of the families could not pay these, and soon the town was in chaos. Rumors spread that the Serpenthelm family, being a respected name in the town, was leading an uprising against the mysterious man.

The mysterious man quickly caught wind of the plan, and ordered his following to imprison Elise’s parents. She was left for dead along with Jared. The rebellious atmosphere died down after this occurrence, and the townspeople were forced to simply deal with the ruling. The siblings got the occasional help of some of the townspeople, but with the entire village being milked, Jared and Elise had to escape town. They camped outside of the town limits in a crappy wooden shack that Jared built, until one day, a Half-Elven man noticed Jared’s stealthy skills.

While Elise wasn’t too fond of hearing that her brother was joining a group of people who earn their money illegitimately, she felt that this was what was necessary. While Jared tried everything he could to earn money, she kept on studying, hoping that one day she would be granted access to the College of Research.

One day, Jared was informed that he had to leave for a mission. One that was supposedly going to get them a good sum of money. Jared had no clue where it was though, he was only told that it was close by. He told this to Elise, and she wished him good luck.

Days passed, weeks passed. Jared did not return, and Elise had to live off of the money her parents had saved up for her. After a month and a half, she had spent all the remaining gold pieces, meaning she had to start finding work. She did every possible job she could find, ranging from cleaning dirty, shit-filled stables to becoming a servant to a creepy fellow who kept asking her weird favors. She did keep researching in her spare time, however.

On a very stormy night, Elise woke up, because parts of the wooden walls were breaking, leaving small peep-holes in the wall. The storm got increasingly heavier, up to a point where trees started to shake heavily. One of the nearby trees got struck by lightning, causing a train reaction of trees slamming down. The course of the tree-domino headed towards Elise’s house, but she only caught a glimpse of what was happening. It was already too late. The tree right next to the house fell right on top of the house, crushing Elise to death.

Minutes passed, hours passed, the night almost passed. Then, something strange happened. A bright-yet-shadowy figure appeared, restoring Elise’s body and resurrecting her right in front of itself, after which it entered Elise’s body. Confused about what happened, she also knew what the spirit expected from her, after which she went on her adventure.

Elise Serpenthelm

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